Integrated content marketing for venture-stage companies

CanaCom Group helps companies reach audiences who understand.


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CanaCom helps its client WeedMD create and maintain a consistent message. Our coverage helps them maintain investor interest and liquidity through all sorts of different market conditions.

Here’s how we do it:

“If your best pitch is a fastball, don’t save it for Christmas, throw it!”

-Tom Seaver


“The medium is the message.”

-Marshall McLuhan


“You don’t sell a man a car, you sell him five cars over ten years.”



Sophisticated Messaging

CanaCom's sophisticated market professionals make a business out of understanding our clients' stories, and telling them in a way that investors can understand. Our editors and copywriters know how to put client companies in news contexts that gets them noticed.

Data-based story telling

Investors crave metrics, and Canacom knows how to put their client companies' metrics front of mind. Our original equities content is shared more than anyone else's, because we understand our audience and give them the data they can use.

Contemporary Relevance

To be effective, messaging has to be repeated. Repeat it the same way, it gets stale and boring. Our editorial and copy teams keep their eyes on the sectors most relevant to our clients' stories, and know how to work them into relevant stories without forcing it. Our audiences grow, because we bring them content that is relevant, and we want our clients to be part of that content.


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